Before moving to the Middle East I had never bothered to look at the coast of the Arabian Peninsula. I remember an old Surfermag article on Yemen being particularly intriguing, but only because of the sheer absurdity of where they were trying to score waves. That changed when I dropped my bags in a wave-starved gulf.  I was immediately fixed on the close proximity of the neighboring country Oman, and it’s exposure to Indian Ocean swell.

Although it’s only 70 miles to the east coast of Oman from Dubai, the upper half of the country unfortunately faces north. You’ve gotta charge another 180+ miles to Muscat, the capital, before any chance of eastern swell exposure.

Muscat Secret Spot (photos courtesy of N. Banks)

Muscat. Check the prime example of contrast out here: local chick in left corner covered head to toe with pastey expat girl laying on the sand in a bikini

But the real direction you want is south east, which requires six hours of good tunes and some serious coffee after a long work week. The government has spent a ton of money on infrastructure over the past decade so the roads are amazing. You can fang it most of the way but its pretty common to get sloppy and set off one of the automatic speed cameras. Strange thing is the Oman tickets have never caught up to me back in Dubai.Spending most of my holidays elsewhere, I’ve only been charging the weekend warrior missions the past few seasons in Oman but it’s always a relief to get some waves. Plus it’s only about 90 degrees down there in August, as opposed to 115+ here in Dubai.

A small night at the point but you can see potential. We generally camp on the bluff at the top of the point. There’s a few beach breaks nearby and some pretty sick jetty waves as well. The fishermen hit the mosque inside the bay at sunrise before launching their boats

I’ve only explored a few of the more frequented areas down there but I’m pretty sure if you had the time there are some world class set-ups that would see their days. There’s rarely a lack of swell in the summer months but wind is a huge factor.Another point the boys call "knuckles" cause of the fingers of rocks that extend into the take-off

My boy Riki leaning into a meatier one further south

A hint of my years of watching old occy videos

This one backwashed and Riki decided to pull the eject button. I had gotten pinched on the wave before and popped up in the impact zone right as he was paddling in. When he pulled back I knew he was gonna get sucked over and I nearly drowned cause I was laughing so hard when I went under

I liken the coastal part of Oman to an Arabian Baja (replace friendly Mexicans with Arabs): rugged mountains mix with the desert and ocean, small fishing settlements dot the coastal highway, unfinished projects in the most bizarre places and the people are generally stoked to have visitors poking around their town and spending a couple bucks in the shops. Only thing missing down there is cold Tecates (gotta smuggle your own through the border) and taco stands.

Carpool lane. Not exactly the kind of thing you come across driving through Baja

Will get some footage up soon.


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