The Bique

As in: MozamBIQUE. Well known to South Africans, but off my radar until seeing some sick footage of a crystal clear sucking point break with one guy out. Tried to make it up there on a trip 3 yrs back but never got out of South Africa. Got lucky with a little late season pulse and tracked down some fun waves in September.

stormy day view from the pad- can see the potential

fun day on the spring equinox low tide

midday surf check

party wagon african style

The potential on that stretch of coast is insane- just need some time to wait it out, story of my life. Fishing is damn good too but better to read about the shark factor after the trip- the channel between Mozambique and Madagascar is some of the sharkiest water in the world. Few clips of the waves and some of the African weirdness:


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