Beats Twiddlin Your Thumbs

The expats call it “dune bashing” and its an old past time out here. It doesn’t take long (20 minutes) to leave behind the metal and glass of Dubai and find yourself truly feeling like you’re in the Arabian desert.

nothin but sand as far as the eye can see

Think this was on one of the first missions. Learned the hard way that stock suspension is not designed for this type of stuff. Decided an upgrade was in order

You can pretty much just pull off the road wherever and start hitting it. The first time I went I really couldn’t believe you could drive in that kind of stuff but it’s amazing what cars can do when you let the tires down to 15 psi. You might ask yourself how exciting can driving around a sand pit be? I thought that too until I realized to approach the dunes like surfing and that you can throw buckets doing high speed turns.

my housemate Ramie, showing how its done

not an uncommon site

Few lessons learned the hard way:

  • You’re always gone longer than expected
  • More than two cars is key
  • High speed turns + low tire pressure = one big pain in the ass in the form of a  tire around an axel
  • You can sort out some crazy situations with a shovel and a 2X4
  • Not recommended hung-over

    the locals are nuts. you'll just find em in the middle of nowhere with only one car

    No seatbelts, no windshield, no worries


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2 Responses to “Beats Twiddlin Your Thumbs”

  1. rixta Says:

    I love to get lost in the desert with nothing, no shovel, no food, no water no map ,no sunblock, no shades & most of all no back up vehicle, just me, alone with my broke down jeep and my journey.
    Last time I found a camel with no name …

  2. You don’t see this sh*t on the I-5 ….. (Disclaimer: non surf related) « Castles Made of Sand Says:

    […] link to older post on UAE driving […]

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