Big Beers, Tasty Treats and Standing Waves

Oktoberfest was as expected: heavy drinking, huge crowds and complete chaos. The place was raging to say the least. There are massive tents that house hundreds of people all guzzling huge jugs of beer, stuffing in roasted pork and chicken and just generally getting wild.

standard 40 piece german band going off for hours on end

We went back the next morning to get a bite for breakfast and as we emerge from the subway we’re greeted with a strange rumbling. It took a minute to realize it was the distinct sound of thousands of people slamming heavy empty mugs on wooden tables, waiting for the first beer to be poured at 10 AM.  A few jugs and back on the subway, on a mission.  Wasn’t quite sure if it was a wild goose chase or sure thing.  I remember seeing it as a grom and thinking how weird it was people could surf in a river. Some scouring of Germany’s version of Central Park (bigger in size than the NYC version) – with Sienna wondering what the hell I’m looking for – and I managed to locate the famous bridge with a crew of 10 guys already on the morning session.

there was this one japanese guy who ripped. he was riding a weird twin fin and popping air reverses

I got some raised eyebrows as I cruised down the banks in trunks and a wetsuit top as the locals were in full-suits and hoods. Would have helped to have done a bit more research on the Eisbach wave (means “ice” in German). Managed to befriend a Portugese kid willing to loan me his board and it was game on. Similar to the flowrider, it’s a bit counter intuitive but after a few tries managed a couple weak cutbacks and left not quite satisfied and shivering.

there’s a reason they wear full suits

only in germany... middle of their "central park", horse racing around a public path and a weird naked guy doing yoga?



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