On the Radar- Part I: Seychelles

I’ve spent good amounts of time looking at maps and charts across the globe, as most surfers do. There’s a difference between day dreaming and really looking closely. It doesn’t take much to find obscure coastlines and assure yourself there’s actually swell there.  You can dream up a perfect set-up, no one out, light offshores and great weather. Tell yourself that if you go there, that’s what you’ll find.  But to organize the trip logistics, cough up the cash and take a gamble is another thing all together.

One of the cooler things about moving to a weird part of the world is that it changes what’s within “striking distance”. Since posting up in Dubai my radar has been focused on the Indian Ocean and it’s amazing what I never knew existed. Maldives always seemed like a myth- some sort of ShangriLa.  Reunion was always on the pilgrimage list along with it’s neighbor Mauritius and the infamous Tamarin Bay.  But when you start to look closer, its amazing what’s out there. The Comoros in between Madagascar and Mozambique, the Andaman Islands off of India, Socotra off Yemen, and the Seychelles, north of Madagascar and east of Kenya. The Seychelles are reputed to be the historic Garden of Eden and having been blessed enough to visit, I can tell why.

There are actually 115 islands in the archipelago. Part of what makes the place so unique is that 45 of the islands are actually granite (as opposed to coral) and are the only mid-oceanic granitic islands in the world. This makes for some trippy beaches and amazing exploring. They are basically fragments of the ancient supercontinent and have been separated from other continents for 75 million years when India drifted off north toward Asia.

mythical "eden"?

It’s fairly easy to gather the publicly available info on surf in the Seychelles, generally summarized as: bad swell exposure, tons of wind, expensive, don’t go unless you wanna get skunked. Fair enough for someone looking to go from Cali, but being able to plot a strategic mission, I was pretty sure it was just a matter of timing it right.

the little coves make for some killer womp spots

Budget accommodation is non-existent in the Seychelles to discourage the wandering dirtbag types from staying too long and ruining the resort vibe for the visiting Euros. Somehow I managed to track down a cool local guy who rents rooms in his house. He apologized for being on the isolated part of the island, far from the “bustle” of the capital up north. Little did I know he was conveniently located a quick mountain pass drive away from the surf.  There’s a small local crew who were pretty cold at first but a little respect goes a long way and they were soon hooting me into set waves. Here’s a few clips from a night session on a 5’6” quad I got from Felipe. Was a lot more hollow at low tide in the morning though


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3 Responses to “On the Radar- Part I: Seychelles”

  1. CamCamaleeens Says:

    NUSSSYYYY, Just stumbled across this…i didnt even know u had this going bud. Good shit, been catching up on all your old posts, looks like ur living the f-ing dream nigga. Hope all is well.

    The persian

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