A few days ago Sri Lankans turned up in masses to cast their vote in the first presidential election since the end of the war. Not too many places have been rattled by a twenty six year civil war and you wouldn’t know that Sri Lanka is one of ‘em from the attitudes of the people in the South. I’ll be quick to point out you can’t fairly judge a place from having just been to one region- (think Southern California vs “NorCal”) but with that disclaimer, Sri Lankans are some of the friendliest people that I’ve come across.  


...and of course there're waves...

It’s pretty damn easy to leave the hassles of western life behind and just slip into the laid-back island vibe as soon as you’re out of the airport. Only a short flight away from Dubai on local budget Air Arabia for 200 bucks– how can you say no? (side note: two of the three times I’ve flown on Air Arabia they’ve had to make a second landing attempt after aborting at the last second above the runway… sketchy!) 

it’s not the best photo but all those guys are posted up on sticks fishing. They’re out there every afternoon mastering their technique. Tried to climb up one of the perches while paddling out one morning and can attest that it takes some serious balance

You’ll just be cruising in from a surf and some guy will scurry up a tree and lump off the top of a coconut with a rusty machete, knowing full well you’re happy to flip him the 30 cents he’s asking.  

Getting around is a matter of sticking out a thumb on the main coastal road and hopping in a tuk-tuk with boards out the side. Huge seafood dinners, cold cheap beer and of course, fun waves, warm water and no crowds. 

local transport grommet monks in training

Below are stills from some video footage last spring. Will put up the edited clips later:

sun coming out in between rain


riki on a bigger day

me, trying to catch a break from the oppressive sun


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