Dubai Surf (continued)

So waves last week were pretty good but came with a lot of wind.

me, early morning pre-desk jockey storm surf

Then it cleaned up for the weekend but got smaller.

cleaner but smaller

all photos from Carl of Surf Shop Dubai

Although Sean Collins doesnt waste his time with charts for the gulf, the oil rigs are always on top of it so you get pretty accurate data if you’ve got a connection in the industry. Looks like this weekend could be pretty damn good. Will let you know



2 Responses to “Dubai Surf (continued)”

  1. Kim Says:

    Thats a nice looking graph at the end Steven. Not sure about the labelling in the first photo.. “kook gng over the falls”. Bit harsh for the desert dwellers! few secret photos posted here as well… check yourself.

  2. katesurfs Says:

    I didn’t even know there was surf in Dubai! I should know… wherever there is water, there could be waves… after all, I’m from New Jersey..

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