Side Effects of Offshore Dredging

The photo below was taken by the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) on NASA’s Terra satellite taken on September 18, 2006. These islands were (and I’m pretty sure still are) the largest artificial islands in the world.  

photo credit: NASA, 2006

A quick overview for those who missed the Nat Geo specials, the Palm in the bottom left is the Palm Jebel Ali, pretty barren at the moment. Next up the coast is the Palm Jumeirah, home of the Atlantis hotel and million dollar mansions. Further north, offshore, is the World Island Project- 300 plus islands shaped to resemble “the world”. There is one with a massive palace on it and a few others are “under construction”. The snake-like thing at the top is the trunk of the Palm Diera, planned to be even bigger than the other two but currently on hold.

If you dump millions of cubic meters of sand into strange configurations you’re bound to get at least something in the right swell window. Only problem is the whole area (below) is still under construction and access is heavily restricted. Like the Hollister Ranch, only a select few have the golden ticket…

off-shore and empty, the gulf does have a few gems


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One Response to “Side Effects of Offshore Dredging”

  1. po Says:

    looooooks insane
    did you get to go shred out there?
    oz warmup!!!

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