An Island in the Persian Gulf with 8 Foot Barrels

My latest Arabian adventure was to Bahrain, an island nation in the Gulf tucked away off the coasts of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Bahrain’s history goes back 5,000 years and it was thought that it was once the centre of the ancient Dilmun civilization. It’s a pretty small place and is linked to Saudi by a bridge (with a very high death rate because many Saudis come over to Bahrain to get hammered and drive home wasted like maniacs!)

the iconic tower in the CBD

It also happens to have a recently installed flowrider inside the main shopping mall and thanks to a bit of luck I was able to be one of the first to sample it at full power (they generally keep it at half during the park hours to minimize injuries). 

It’s definitely one of the better one’s I’ve ridden and big thanks to Tom Lochtefeld for hooking it up. More photos click here


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