On the Radar Part III- Maldives

When we were little kids my mom had these plastic placemats with the world map on it. I remember being in middle school and just staring at some of the far-off places wondering what kind of magical surf was just waiting for me in some unknown country. India was quite a dominant feature being bright and yellow in the center of the map but there was this small chain of islands below it that always made me wonder…

one of the better lefts in the north- “Chickens” named after the old poultry farm on the island

The Maldives is by no means off the beaten path of surf travel but it was prohibitively expensive to get to from California. Thanks to the strange location of my current “home base” it’s within striking distance and I’m headed back in a few days. Had a really fun trip two years ago so fingers crossed for a repeat. Here’s some footage from the last trip…   More when I get back…


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