Maldives, Revisited

early season gamble = empty lineup!

April is a tough month for a surf trip in this region: the Atlantic has slowly shut down and the Indian has just started to warm up so we took a gamble with hitting the Maldives in April. Most normal travelers experience a pre-trip excitement anticipating the pending adventure and break from reality. For better or worse this hits me with a combined anxiety about the weather charts. Luckily mother nature cooperated and we got some damn good waves, light winds and plenty of sun for a week long boat trip.

tucking in on the inside

sets got bigger as the morning went on. I'm thinking to myself if a 5'7" quad was the best idea. shit quality as its a still from video

Club Med made the mistake of allowing us on for all-you-can-eat-and-drink on our last night. Needless to say, things got a bit out of hand...

me at the mysto left down south

working on my best occy impersonation

These guys cruise around the reefs. You can see his little buddies in the background. For some perspective his wingspan is about 6ft

where you want to be



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2 Responses to “Maldives, Revisited”

  1. wiles Says:

    yeah nuss, looks like a good trip!

  2. On the Radar- Maldives, Smaldives? « Castles Made of Sand Says:

    […] Older MALDIVES post, click here […]

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