Oman Back On

Summers basically set in here in the sand pit. There was a final hoorah of wind swell last week allowing for some wedges in the bath-tub warm water that is now the Gulf. Air temps are passing the 100 degree mark with 100% humidity and the Russian tourists are getting more sunburned than ever.

there are miles of empty beach break in oman- just a question of finding the right bank

This also means that monsoon winds are kicking up in the Arabian sea and Oman surf season is back on the radar. Couple of the boys did a mission last week and said the sand is looking pretty good and ready for a solid pulse… (all photos by PJ Cutting)

sand seems to have filled in. by aug there are usually a lot of rocks boiling in the take off area

120+ heat in Dubai and still cool enough to camp on the beach in Southern Oman, barely

another of the points getting warmed up for summer

PJ self portrait sportin some CRAPS from Peters visit to Dubai

Summers here. Stay tuned…


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2 Responses to “Oman Back On”

  1. ynotoman Says:

    and in a few days there will be extra surf from the tropical depression tracking up

  2. Abu G Says:

    dude, sick site. I surfed both Israel and Lebanon last summer… and it was ok, but Oman looks a lot better than the med

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