Chlorine Shacks

When the wind dies in the Gulf there is still one place in Dubai where a man can find a six foot shack…

Pretty amazing location. The actual beach is about 150 yards behind this thing

Built over 10 years ago as an attraction for the waterpark, the flowrider here is normally on one pump and packed with die-hard spongers. They can’t get enough of the place. However, thanks to the hook-up from my old friend Tom Lochtefeld, I’ve been able to sneak in after hours with some of the boys and get it going full power.

Because of the different design the barrel in Dubai is much more square than SD. Me trying to get off the foamball riding switch after some floggings backside

Having worked for Tom in SD, I felt pretty comfortable with my flowrider skills. However, after sampling the Dubai version, I’ve been humbled. This particular wave is built on the old technology and the design and has a few novelty features. The main difference that really changes my approach to the wave is the area where the lip breaks. The SD one feeds back toward the front, creating a happy little build up of water in the impact zone. The Dubai lip breaks and the outflow runs down the line with the lip. This basically creates an area of “white water rapids” and almost no pool to land in so if you get sucked up in the lip and taken over the falls, expect to be thrown into about a foot of water and then washed down a ramp. Not cool. All it takes is one ride to understand why they don’t have it open to the public on full pump. Also, the area inside the tube is angled toward the rapids so you can’t get too deep in it or else game over. Some of the Durban boys came out back in 2008 to show the rookies how its done…


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3 Responses to “Chlorine Shacks”

  1. Katy in NC Says:

    Looks fun with overhead. The boards must be special for this standing wave b/c they are so short. Looks like a skateboard with no trucks/wheels almost. I would love to have a go on that, but over there, women have nothing and I wouldn’t be allowed out in my swimsuit.

    You have a great blog and I’m glad it was mentioned in a tweet by one of the major surfing mags here in the US. Glad to have found it. Thanks for the info.

    • stevolj Says:

      yea Katy, glad you dig it. actually its not as conservative as you think out here. bikinis perfectly fine on the beach although g-strings highly frowned upon. as for the flowrider, tom’s got a lot set up all over- SD, durban, chile, etc- so check it out

  2. Chlorine Shacks- Singapore Sling « Castles Made of Sand Says:

    […] Clorine Shacks Dubai […]

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