Oman- Aftermath of the Carnage

You run across the sand when you see this- and not just cause its 100 degrees

I’ve managed to squeeze in two trips down south since the cyclone struck and have been quite impressed with the cleanup efforts. With pumps running 12 hours a day most of the flooding has been reduced to manageable lakes and the sand dunes and trees that littered the roads have been diligently ploughed. But there’re still reminders of the carnage around every turn- sheets of asphalt cast away like orange peels, skeletons of unfortunate 50-foot dhows beached inland and the bare bones of fishing shelters along the beaches.

these big wooden beasts are the traditional Arab “dhows” that have been running these waters for hundreds of years. This one wasn’t so lucky when Phet hit

It’s just been the usual monsoon wind-swell the past two weeks so it’s a little early to know if the sand deposits at the points have been wiped out but seems like the banks are starting to form and with a little searching have been able to log some much needed water time…

the trash in the foreground is another unfortunate result of the cyclone

my mccallum quad loving the points

Perfect camping weather this time of year. Woke up from the air mattress (tents are over-rated) and looked up at this

pretty sure sienna’s checking out this fun little left and not the dhows coming in

Arabian sunset (photo credit Sienna)

wind tends to die late in the afternoon

A local guy I was chatting to mentioned that in his grandfathers lifetime on the omani coast  he had only witnessed two cyclones and they’d both been in the past 4 years. Anyone still doubting global warming?


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One Response to “Oman- Aftermath of the Carnage”

  1. ynotoman Says:

    Oman has cyclones probably every 5 years of so
    most run into the coast from Masirah south.
    The worst recent one was in 1977 when practically every building on Masirah was severely damaged
    Ive been in 3 – 2 in Muscat (2010 & 2007) and 1 in Salalah (2002)

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