On the Radar- Seychelles Part Deux

If you missed the first post about the mysto Indian Ocean islands off East Africa, click here. The place is truly magical and I’ve been itching for a chance to get back. Luckily swell and weather finally cooperated and I pulled the trigger last week. It was a little smaller this time but managed to get an awesome session at an outer reef pass and discovered some new little waves I didn’t come across last time. With a Jurassic Park-like backdrop, warm water, sun and no one out, a few urchins in the foot are a small price to pay.

Although relatively small islands, the windy unmarked jungle roads can lead to little unexpected secrets like this

Jungle tune up. Managed to get about 40 insect bites in the time it took me to put in my fins

Paradise lost? The unfortunate result of an enchanting island: multi-million dollar houses near the capital in Victoria

trying to womp with full scuba gear on- not advisable

me at the outer-reef right from the footage in the first post

One of the local boys. Guy actually remembered me as the dude from “that crazy arab place with the fake islands!”

Caught up with a few of the locals I met last time and although its been a late start for the south swells, past few weeks have been pumping. Hopefully some day I can get back to sample the mysto left on a solid pulse!

photos thanks to sienna (except for the empty wave shots!)


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