Monsoon Winds + Spring Tides = O-man!!!

Oman doing its best at an “Arabian Barra”

This is my fourth season chasing down waves in Oman (shit, time flies). As I’ve said before, there is tons of potential and constant swell, it just takes some rolling-up of the sleeves to get the goods, plus a little luck from the weather gods. Finally I feel like I’ve got a grasp on the place and can know what to expect from the charts. I took a last-minute call on Thursday afternoon and charged nine hours straight down to a point we’ve been eyeing for the right low tide. With spring lows in the morning and evening, it was 2 days of sick waves and just me and my travel buddy frothing on the conditions…

Maybe this place has a name but the local boys I roll with call it “knuckles” cause of the shape of the rock formation that forms the coastline at the top of the point. You can see in this photo what we call “the knuckle” which will claim boards and blood if you don’t keep an eye out. Not an un-manageable hazard but definitely makes you calculate and commit to your line when you hit that section

top of the point. Fires through the top, goes a bit fat around the corner than stacks up for the cove

Hopefully I can get some actual surfing shots on the next trip but when there’s two of you wave-starved and psyching you can’t get in the water fast enough. More photos from the trip CLICK HERE.

caution: men in robes crossing

By the way, Surfing Mag hooked me up with some free RVCA gear for writing them a little email about my oman missions. Check it out here on the SURFING MAG LETTER OF THE WEEK Older Oman posts can be found here


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3 Responses to “Monsoon Winds + Spring Tides = O-man!!!”

  1. Oman Says:

    where are the pictures taken? Assilah, or did you go down to Ras madrakah?

  2. Surf Ambassador Hendo Says:

    yeah Steve! Good work on da letter o’ da month, u beat me to it mate! Keep up the good work!

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