On the Radar- Santosha (revisited)

“A wise man turns chance into good fortune.”- Thomas Fuller

I’d all but forgotten about watching for it. The decent Oman missions this summer have been keeping me happy. But when you see this on LOLA it’s hard to ignore…

A recent article in Tracks comments: “Santosha wasn’t a real place, it was a state of mind that in theory everyone could find. Tamarin Bay just happened to be the setting used to sell the idea.” If you haven’t seen The Forgotten Island of Santosha it’s worth a watch, and it’s the kind of footage that you remember, especially if you’re a goofy foot. This was my second strike mission and it paid off. There were ups and downs but we found some awesome empty waves, scared the shit out of myself at the outer reefs and got classic Tamarin without getting too hassled.

surfed this wave as the tide pushed. The south side of the island is full of good set-ups but normally plagued by wind. Empty early morning sessions for the taking.

Wind switched for a while midday. This photo gives a bit of perspective of the swell stacking on the reef. Early morning was world class Tamarin Bay

Rise and shine in the south indian ocean

For more photos, click here

Intro segment of the old film (skip to 3:30 for the surf)

For the previous post on mauritius, click here


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One Response to “On the Radar- Santosha (revisited)”

  1. wiles Says:

    yes!! looks like a good strike mish for sure, great fotos!

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