Guns and Moses

Trying to make the most of my time in the middle east, I’ve been charging a couple non-surf adventures in the past few months. I recently conquered my most challenging logistical nightmare yet: an overland mission to a little country on the Med that isn’t too popular with the arab states in this region: Isr–l. The big pain in the ass was to get across the border without getting the curse of the entry stamp, a problem causer for other middle east travel. A seemingly achievable task, however the lovely 18 yr old female border guards with machine guns were a bit suspicious of my being a US citizen, born in hong kong, residing in Dubai and having sketchy Pakistani and Russian visas plastered all over my passport. An hour of interrogation later and they let me in to the holy land and after a long sweaty trip I found my way to the water and a pleasant, un-expected surprise.

a fun summer bank in the Med

The main reason I decided to leg it all the way out there was to meet up with my old pal Josh Browar who was finishing up the end of a holiday. Tel Aviv is pretty well known to have a surf scene but everything I read made me think surf in the Med was a winter occurrence. It was pretty awesome to have a little session out at the Hilton reef. You could tell how fun that wave must get with some more swell. Bit of an aggressive vibe in the water but guess that’s the result of a military culture and 60 years of people wanting to blow your country off the face of the earth.

Photography 101: shooting into sun= glare. But when you’ve crossed a hellish border, had a big night out, had an unexpected surf and cracked your first beer, it’s a bit hard to motivate to get out of the sun. You get the idea of the little wedges though

Reminded me of the carefree Jr. Lifeguard days- time flies


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  1. CamCamaleeens Says:

    Keep em coming nusseeel’s, hope all is well homie.

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