Everyone Loves Mexico

There are certain places that if you just think about them or look at an old picture it takes you back to a special little corner of your mind where your brain pumps out the good neurotransmitters.  For me, and a lot of people I know, Me-hee-co is one of those places. I managed to squeeze in a trip back to Puerto this time last year and it was, as always, an awesome trip. It’d been 8 years since my first adventure to Puerto as the “grom” with Ian and Derek when we were holed up in one cheap hotel room, eating peanut butter and tortillas to save money and just stoked to be able to buy beer with no ID. The town has grown significantly, but the waves out front are still as glorious, and humbling, as ever.

its definitely more crowded in town but a solid swell still acts as effective crowd control

With the mega-swell on the way and our neighbors the Long brothers waxing up their rhino chasers I was scrambling to find a way for a mortal man to make use of the super swell smacking puerto (Greg got this mental one the next day that is questionably one of the biggest paddle-in waves ever at the famous Mex Pipe)

Greg Long on an absolute bomb. Photo: Edwin Morales. It was only a fraction of this size the morning before but more than enough to send me packing

A case of beer and an overnight bus and we found the points further south were doing their thing. The direction had a little too much west to really get the max swell energy but fun waves regardless.

After a month in Puerto Chris Rice was more than happy to lay down some big turns at the points. The hack after this bottom turn buckled the so called “un-breakable” Solomon

It wasn’t long before an old crew of da boys from La Jolla showed up to take over our quiet little base-camp. A week of right-point shralping and beer drinking ensued, and safe to say everyone was pretty psyched on the waves we got. Special thanks to Cesar and Lalo for keeping it ROOOTS

We were pleasantly surprised to come across our own mini Puerto (without any feral aussies in sight)

Expecting to be going right the whole trip, I was damn stoked to find some fun lefts


I put together some of the footage we got for the crew but here’s a taste of the intro and credit section…


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One Response to “Everyone Loves Mexico”

  1. Abu G Says:

    Oh man! What a trip! Like you, I’ve done a fair bit of both Mexico and Middle East surfing.

    What’s your deal? You’re in Dubai? Al-Khalalege? Write me an email man, I’d love to learn more about your work: Jesseaizenstat@gmail.com

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