Chlorine Shacks- Singapore Sling

I’ve had the pleasure of test driving several of Tom Lochtefeld’s waves in the past few years. Last fall he had the grand opening of Wave House Singapore which was a pretty awesome event. I literally ran from the airport taxi straight into the “wild card” round for the main event.

I had no chance of qualifying but I did get to compete against one of my childhood heroes, snowboard legend Terje Haakonsen. The other guys were doing backflip 540s and I was just sitting back in the barrel enjoying the view. Needless to say I didn’t make it through my heats but it was pretty classic.

think I was one of the only “soul” guys with no straps

The guys in the main event were going off and it was great to sit back and watch with my old buddy Richard who’s now an engineer for Waveloch. If you’re out in Singapore (perhaps on a layover en route to Indo) I’d recommend checking out the Wavehouse Sentosa– it’s a killer venue. Thanks Tom for sorting out the arrangements and the VIP pass!

those wristbands didn’t come off for 3 days. Note the crazy old Russian guy on the right with the five litre bottle of vodka- a random investor who we met that afternoon

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One Response to “Chlorine Shacks- Singapore Sling”

  1. Marlowe Says:

    Great post and very informative. BTW the Wave House Sentosa seems really cool and fun to try out. I’m putting it on my top things to do list when I visit Siloso beach again!

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