Moroc ‘N Roll…

Life is good when the hardest part of your day is putting on your wetsuit. Top is a frame grab from an empty reef with little bro Peter in the front laying rail and big brother on the one behind it reaping the benefits of patience & wisdom

It’s a well traveled surf destination these days but I can remember back in middle school when a few of the boys got to go over to Morocco on a surf trip- it was like they went  to Mars (Derek, T.Dunf, Ryder, Stuey).  Regardless of the recent surge in popularity as a surf destination, Morocco is still a place where you can get lost in an exotic culture and score insane waves with minimal crowds. The further you head away from the renowned Anchor Point, the better your chances are of empty lineups. Can’t believe it’s been almost two years since my trip. The pictures just get me excited and I’m itching to get back…

Pete setting his line and thinking about the next 200 yards

We spent a few days in Casablanca checking out what the capital had on offer. And then a quick flight to Agadir and we got what we came for: perfect right points, offshore winds and good ole north atlantic ground swell. Spent a few days missioning way down south and only scratched the surface of the potential down there. When we got back to Agadir it was forecast to be firing, and fire it did…

My two years living at Rincon paying dividends

My good buddy Pern Choo was a solid member of Team Moroc and took some rad photos. Posted a bunch more CLICK HERE TO VIEW MOROC PHOTOS


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  1. Abu G Says:

    wow, this is just great! Keep this blog goin’!

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