You don’t see this sh*t on the I-5 ….. (Disclaimer: non surf related)


frame grab that got them caught


A couple months back there was a huge uproar in the papers when a video was released on the internet showing a guy driving on two wheels on the major freeway in Dubai in broad daylight. Turns out after the police tracked them down by the number plate that one of the guys is actually a police officer and it was “during a parade to celebrate Al Wasl Football Club’s victory”. Let’s forget the fact that there were no other floats or marching bands in this parade. They were excited after a big win and wanted to celebrate- that I can understand. What really drives me up a wall is they were fined AED 1,000 (= 272 USD). I just got a ticket for AED 600 for going 15 km/hr over the speed limit! How the f#$K does that make any sense?!

As their lawyer explained in court: “The charges were baseless and groundless… they didn’t endanger anybody’s life. Needless to say that no one complained that his/her life was endangered.” I guess the courts thought the 272 dollar fine would teach them a lesson. WRONG. This was in the papers last week…


“Daredevil drivers are back in action on UAE roads. Fresh video clips of stunt driving on the country's roads have emerged and are doing the rounds on sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Now the 'shameless duo' are back with more stunt driving on the country's streets, claims 7Days”

link to older post on UAE driving



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    Love your Pictures. I would love to use one on my website. Are they for sale?

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