On the Radar Part V- INDIA


Dave Rastavich, deep in meditation in India. Taken from his trip with Taylor Steele filming for Castles in the Sky. L photo by D.Hump, R by Dustin Ellison


1.1 billion people, four thousand miles of coastline and the home of your phone banking customer service agent. With difficult transport and limited time, India as a surf destination had always been daunting to me. However, back in March I learned of this new artificial reef an easy flight away and it was instantly on my radar.   A simple visa application and I was ready to go. Or so I thought…   India and Pakistan have a heated history and the multiple Pakistan visas in my US passport made the usually-simple process not so simple. After phone calls, wasted time and finally an interview with the Consul General of India here in Dubai, they concluded I was not a CIA agent and just a regular tourist interested in visiting their country (and finding waves). I spent most of last Thursday night stuck in the airport trying to get over there. Unfortunately the airline gods were not kind enough to relieve me of my “stand-by” status so I went home defeated (that was the fourth attempt to get there- you win a few you lose a few). To be continued…


I got in touch with Jelle (getting slotted at the artificial reef above) who volunteers in a social project down south and teaches some of the kids how to surf. He’s got the place pretty dialed so with a little luck I may be getting some of his local treats in the next few weeks



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2 Responses to “On the Radar Part V- INDIA”

  1. chris colachis Says:

    so sick.

    Ive heard that every other reef that ASR has built have been complete busts. i definately wanna see if that shit produces. im so fascinated with that shit. I wanna go to work for someone who studies that shit.

  2. stevolj Says:

    just got back and can say it produces. not perfect, but makes a pretty solid bank in an otherwise closed-out bay. will post some photos soon.

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