On the Radar Part V- Incredible !ndia

I immediately had mustache envy. Of the 140 people ahead of us in the passport control lines, 95% being Indian male, I seriously counted only 4 guys who did not have some sort of moustache. Having cut mine off recently, I was just imagining how much more street cred I could have.

no 'stache street credit but the locals were pretty fired up on my surfing

The department of tourism is just like the rest of the Indian experience: upfront and in your face. Right there in bold letters at the top of the immigration card they boast: “Incredible !ndia” (no typo there). Bold, but lacking humor of Australia a few years back (“So where the bloody hell are you?”) or Panama (“It will never leave you”). But the Indians don’t like to beat around the bush— it was quite incredible…

the reef, starting to do its thing with the dropping tide

To keep it short and sweet, the artificial reef was far from perfect although it was a mixed up swell and there was a solid ledge on the right sets. This is supposedly the most well known beach in India and there was not one person in the lineup aside from the grommets we were pushing in the shore-break (see below). Hopped on a moped and checked out the coast down south; some cool little villages and plenty of potential- river mouths, headlands, etc. There’s gonna have to be a follow up trip for sure…

peaks for the taking

whenever i wasnt in the water the groms were begging to borrow the boards

For more !ndia photos from the trip, click here

Just came across these guys who are doing an Indian Surf project Surfing 28 States – check it out


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One Response to “On the Radar Part V- Incredible !ndia”

  1. Adam Says:

    Nice to see traveling surfers making use of Kovalam Multi-Purpose Reef!! Also nice to see it throwing up a mean barrel 🙂

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