South Africa- from the archives

Classic J Bay- you just can't beat it (slide film)

Was sorting through an old hard drive and came across my photos from a South African adventure 4 yrs ago ( Can’t believe it’s been that long!) We drove from Cape Town along the coast up to the Transkei (aka “Wild Coast”) and back again and scored plenty of great waves.

j bay view from the carpark. So rippable this morning

A few things that stand out in my mind: (1) South African hospitality is amazing (2) there are world class waves all over the country(3) sharks ARE a serious issue (4) J bay is as good as you think- if not better, bru

We posted up for a while at this point in the 'Kei (think that’s Krasner having it all to himself). A really cool Saffa family let us camp on their land which happened to have an epic wave out front. Only problem being it’s about the sharkiest place in South Africa. Something like 5 deaths in 7 years. We were very careful about our sessions and never even surfed the left around the point cause of the river mouth

Couple other highlights were surfing boneyards with a pre-WCT Jordy Smith, taking the Japanese guy in our hostel bungee jumping when he had no idea where we were going, and waking up to zebras outside our tent.

one more j bay. i like this shot cause the clouds kinda blend with the wave. plus theres a guy coming screaming out of a tube



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