On the Radar VI- Senegal Delivers

The friendly airport staff helped lighten the mood as I searched for my board bag in the sweaty mob of hustling Africans. She pointed out: “It’s not every day they slaughter seven hundred thousand sheep.” It was the day of Tobaski, the West African Muslims’ holy sacrifice party (sans alcohol). Thankfully Allah provided some swell for the festivities and Senegal delivered some oceanic treats. Our home base was on the island featured in the original Endless Summer (and yes, coffee still cost a dollar 50 years later) and is actually owned by rap super star Akon. No power, no water but tasty waves and wild culture. Viva West Africa

had a couple days of south swell which opened up some other spots

Sharing some tubes with my good pal Le Grom and about 10,000 urchins. Special thanks to Jesper for the shots and hospitality

fishing wasn’t too bad either

one of the local boys back-dooring a sick one. they've got this place wired. pretty sure he made this one

More Senegal Photos HERE



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