It’s no secret that there’re waves in the Med. It’s a big body of water and gets tons of wind. Remember Slater’s sessions in Rome in Drive Through Europe? Well, the charts looked right so I took a gamble on a short strike mission to smack dab in the middle of the Med: Malta. North of Tunisia, south of Sicily. A country of 3 main islands covering about 122 square miles. For 2,000 years it was the most strategic location in the Med- the key to controlling naval traffic between east and west. The place has been taken over by almost every major empire and more recently it’s been host to the filming of Gladiator and Troy. I got in touch with local ripper Jay who managed to source me a wetsuit and a board after mine got left in Dubai (not what you want to hear from the airline people when you’re on a strategic mission and short for time). We checked out the North coast and he showed me some of the cool little reefs they have at their disposal. The swell wasn’t what I hoped for but was great to get some waves and scope the lay of the land (with intentions of returning for a proper swell)

mediterranean mysto slab

And how’s this factoid: the largest great white on record was caught off the Maltese coast in the late 80s: 23 foot! Whities in the Med?! What the ??

empty, light offshores, sunny- no wonder so many empires fought over this place

If you’re headed to Malta or are interested in Maltese surfing, hit up Jay- he’s the man over there.


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One Response to “Malteser”

  1. Jay Chapelle Says:

    Great day, great article – hope you get to come play a while longer next time…the swells will be waiting.

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