Gray Days and Shamal winds

Been a lot of wind around here lately but unfortunately also tons of sand in the air. Some days it reminds me of a foggy morning back home (June gloom) until my eyes start stinging from being pelted by grains of sand in the air. Couple little waves last week (nothing special) and looks like more on the way before the spring heat really kicks in…A “Shamal” is the result of strong northwest winds being funneled into the Gulf through the mountains of Turkey and high plains of Saudi. A strengthening high pressure over the Arabian peninsula coupled with a distinct cold front… or basically: the polar jet stream pushing in from Europe collides with the sub-tropical jet stream from the southern Arabian peninsula= dynamic weather system= lots of f#@#cking sand/ dust in the air. When you’re outside in these conditions you start to understand why the local dress evolved to what it is.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is a subtle yet distinct difference between sand vs. dust storms. Sand storms basically happen when the wind is strong enough to lift and “bounce” particles along, which collide with others, lifting and bouncing them and so on. Sand storms reach heights of about 50 feet (see photo in the background of the title at the top) and last as long as the wind persists. Dust storms on the other hand are literally dust particles small enough to be blown into the air and carried aloft by wind currents. These storms can be much bigger and tend to last much longer as they don’t require the heavy winds to keep the sand “bouncing” along. So there’s your daily meteorological factoid.


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One Response to “Gray Days and Shamal winds”

  1. wiley Says:

    ya nuss, you wearin the local garb? cmon, dont be shy… hahha
    any trips planned amigo?

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