River Surfing

Every surf website in cyber space has been freaking out about the new Rip Curl release of Curren and Co. scoring a barreling tidal bore wave in indo. If you haven’t seen the footage, it’s pretty insane 

Curren tubed in a river? mental

I’ve always been intrigued by these type of weird “surf” trips. I remember talking to Bill “Beaker” Bryan one time at Wavehouse and he was telling me about an insane mission he did into central Africa to find one of the only tubing rapids in the world.

photo by Alan Van Gysen http://www.avgphoto.co.za

Beaker with a stylish layback in central africa

When we were in Uganda we came across this one crazy section with a famous “tubing” rapid. This angle doesn’t do it justice but the wave is about as thick as chopes plus you’ve got about a million gallons of water pushing you down when you fall. Would love to see some of the boys try that one some day:

It was an easy out to tell myself I didnt have a board, but reality was that lip is damn thick and there was no way i wanted to be the test dummy

Old post from Oktoberfest river surf here


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