On the Radar VII- Salalah

"I’m telling you man, we should paddle out up there”

Sa-la-lah. Just rolls off the tongue. Located way down south on the Arabian Peninsula it’s in the Dhofar region of Oman and a grenade’s throw away from the Yemen border to the west. The country’s second largest city has got some east African flavor thanks to the centuries of trade with (and partial colonization of) the east coast of neighboring Dark Continent.
It’s also hugely exposed to swell and the seasonal winds that send the monsoons to India. I’ve been meaning to get down there for a while but it’s a hell of a drive from Dubai (1,200 km). With my time in Arabia coming to a close, we decided to check it out last weekend despite less-than-ideal ocean conditions*

Reminded me a lot of Ocean Beach SF: if you can make it through the relentless inside, dodge rips and get in position, you could pick off a bomb

Rush hour traffic

mid morning wind getting on it but still fun

Had a pretty good look at the coastline to the east and west. Some set ups with potential

found a fun little reef outside of town

photos thanks to Sienna

The place is a geologist’s wet dream. There are amazing rock formations, huge valleys, mountains, natural springs and in the wet season, massive waterfalls

*no, we didnt drive it, we flew from muscat


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3 Responses to “On the Radar VII- Salalah”

  1. fatc Says:

    yo man,

    apparently Dubai and abu dahbi are the new skatepark cities of the world. i know you have been to that crazy halfpipe but id bee willing to bet you have seen some more crazy spots around where you live. you should post some pictures of some of these spots if you find them. id be super curious to see them.


  2. Salalah- Some Lost Photos « Castles Made of Sand Says:

    […] Original Salalah post here […]

  3. fadhila Says:

    hi .. I just want say I have used the first pix as a profile pic… thought it is better to let u know 🙂

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