Seychelles National Day

this wave has been good to me...

June 18th marks the celebration of the implementation of a multiparty democratic system in the African island nation of the Seychelles. It’s a raging public holiday and also happened to coincide with some long-period Indian Ocean southwest.

Swell filled in for National Day... had an early session at this really fast left

long paddles but worth it even with midday wind

It was my third time hunting waves down there and the trip just reconfirmed how amazing the place is if you can time it right. Surfed the familiar spots from few years back as well as a couple new ones.

potential, but not enough swell for this spot

the international womp tour continues

one more snap. nice and grainy thanks to lack of telephoto lens. Thanks Hannoti for the shots!

Seychelles Part One

Seychelles Post Two



2 Responses to “Seychelles National Day”

  1. Puto Says:

    P.H.!!!! P.H.!!!!! Puto nice photos… missing a P.H.??

  2. Ben Berke Says:

    nice surf, was cool bumping into you again.. i was in Bali last week for the surf, they had the biggest swell they’d seen in two years.. You back in the States now?

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