Moving to Castles 14,617 km Away…

My new home gave me a nice warm welcome over the weekend

120 degrees is just too damn hot. And having “survived” the Arab revolutions of 2011 hiding out in the little oasis of Dubai, I decided it was time to move on. So, when you’ve gotten to the point where it no longer raises eyebrows when you tell your friends and family you live in the middle east, what’s left to get a rise out of them? Easy: “We’re moving to Mexico!”

wet season = green season down here

Although I will no longer be pondering the world from weird places in the middle east, I think it’s still worth keeping this site going albeit with a new twist (keeping the surf/ travel/ cultural commentary + sombreros, mustaches and tequila).

This is from a trip to Puerto almost 10 years ago (damn that makes me sound old). Bit more meat on my bones these days but it’s memories like these that have me psyched on the move

I’ve got a job down in Manzanillo, Mainland Mex. It’s a port town about 3.5 hours south of Puerto Vallarta and more importantly, 45 minutes north of Pascuales, home of large sandy tubes. I’ve watched a lot of footage of Pascuales and it definitely gets pretty heavy. But I’m sure in between the scare-yourself-shitless days there’ll be some epic tubes to be had. For now, here’s some sick footage from down the road:

one more shot of out front yesterday



3 Responses to “Moving to Castles 14,617 km Away…”

  1. laurahartson Says:

    lovely pics they make me want to get on the next plane to anywhere!

  2. Jesse Says:

    Hell yeah man, hit me up when you’re thru SD. I’m in North Country now finishing the book.

  3. wiley Says:

    yes! stoked for you amigo!

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