Just a Nice Little Mexican Sunday…

sunrise heading south

Some shots from a nice little Sunday in Mexico

well worth the drive in wee hours of the morning

It’s illegal for me to drive without a seatbelt but this is perfectly ok. Picnic in the truck on the way to the picnic!

mid day wind getting on it

a pretty good reason to get heat stroke

this plane was buzzing around no more than 50 ft off the ground. So amazingly sketchy!

kinda hard to eat when your table looks at this

day drinking + mexican sun= early siesta

Julio here is one of the Manzanillo boys who also made the trip down. His missus is studying for an exam there at the table, oblivious to the shack fest 50 yards away. And a token Chihuahua!


2 Responses to “Just a Nice Little Mexican Sunday…”

  1. Patti Nussbaum Says:

    To my son, the cultural anthropologist: I especially like the chihuahua picture and “the picnic on the way to the picnic”!

  2. Puto Says:

    Que pasa cabron?? no contestas a los mails… espero que todo te vaya bien.
    to much empty waves, are you surfing or only shooting?? i want to see some action!!!!

    Amigo! make me a bed space, i am already thinking when to go there, when you think will be the right time??

    Saludos y un furte abrazo!!

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