It’s all relative

It really depends where you are how you react to surf forecasting. When I was living in Dubai, everyone gets fired up for any hint of a wind storm in the gulf. In San Diego, “1-2 foot” isn’t usually good sign. But as I learned last week, “1-2 foot” here in mainland Mex can be a reason to get out of bed in the dark on a Sunday morning and make a drive south…

the local boys tell me there's no need to worry about sharks down here. but with these guys lurking in the lagoon and coming out for the occassional salt water swim, I've got a few other things to worry about


One Response to “It’s all relative”

  1. El puto dubai Says:

    ummmm!! was worth it to wake up early, i wouldn’t mine not sleep in 2 days to taste some of this lefts.
    About the green friendly lagartos don’t worry man, you can always make some handbags for your wife or a pair of nice mex stile boots for you, i will catch some crocos for you once i get there.

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