The storm was so close that a lot of little places in town that don't normally get waves had some pulse..

Hurricane Jova which touched down here in Colima on Oct 12 was heavy enough for the Governor to declare a state of emergency. The storm itself wasn’t that eventful as it was downgraded when it made landfall but the rain and aftermath (flooding and landslides) was really devastating. Only a few deaths in the region but insane damage, especially to the major agricultural towns nearby. President Calderon was here in Manzanillo this week on a follow-up visit.

Las Hadas here is one of the premier golf courses in Mexico. Doesn't look like much golf any time soon. Maybe a cable wakeboardpark?

Because the Manzanillo port is such an important economic hub the clean up crews were out in full force to get roads somewhat repaired. It was pretty impressive how they had everything up and running in a couple days (although Manz airport is closed for a few weeks).

there are some really interesting fingers of coast right near my house. I was watching this mysto slab for a while in the rain but for every one like this there were about 25 on dry reef. With no one out and a long paddle (not to mention the middle of a hurricane) I took a pass...

post-jova damage in colima. photo from The Guardain



2 Responses to “Post-Jova”

  1. wiley Says:

    you are such a puss nuss, that slab was the declaration of the oracle to your existense!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

  2. stevolj Says:

    ha! I might point out Wiley the footage from your old shores house of LJ cove in- say ’99- looking like punta lobos? Where were you on that one!

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