Tubes and Crocs

good idea to have a nice cup of joe before tackling the early morning paddle


When I first went down to Puerto, Todd Morcom was one of the heaviest gringo chargers hanging out down there. I guess these days he prefers the darker sand tubes up north here but guy still gets shacked off his head

not as lazy as you think

I'm still getting settled down here but managed to pick off a couple

and... just another for the "mexican beach scene" file. this 8yr kid not only had a killer shirt/ hat combo but had no hesitation belting out tunes in the restaurant like a man


2 Responses to “Tubes and Crocs”

  1. wiley Says:

    fukin best post in a while! ya nuss!!!! hows that left shackkk!!! i told you coffee is good for you

  2. Jesse Says:

    Great, great post!

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