Nayarit and Northwest Swell

nayarit nugget

With a large northwest passing through Hawaii and California last week it looked like there wasn’t going to be much here in Colima so we headed north for the weekend. Just up the road is the state of Jalisco and an area called “costalegre” (the happy coast). It’s an amazing piece of coastline with just a few fishing towns in between the 280km stretch. Then you hit the bay of Puerto Vallarta and just north of there, the state of Nayarit. My Mexican pals down here didn’t have much to say about surf in that area so armed with some google earth maps and a general idea of where I wanted to be (and some friendly Spanish/ pesos to convince security guards to let us through private property), we amazingly managed to track down some empty waves.

Sayulita is a mellow little expat-hippy surf town and a good base for exploring the area

It’s kind of mind boggling to me that in 2012 with the number of gringo expats that lurk in Vallarta that we found empty surf on a weekend. Just goes to show its out there if you want it.

30 pesos and a smile can go a long way to opening doors, or gates

Many people might have missed a slightly obscure news story back in the fall involving Mexican authorities foiling plans of Gaddafi’s “party-boy” son to sneak under the radar into Mexico, aka “Operation Guest” (read about it here or here). Well, as it turns out, one of the houses he allegedly purchased was in the exclusive Punta Mita, the large headland area at the top of Vallarta bay? Just when I thought this site was losing it’s “Arabian flavor”…

Maybe Saadi Gaddafi heard there’s good surf nearby?

a little mushier on the higher tide can’t complain


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2 Responses to “Nayarit and Northwest Swell”

  1. anorwen Says:

    Amazing photos. I like the dark tone of them, very moody!

  2. KittyComCom Says:

    you sand bagging son of a bitch

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