Costalegre Vision

I’ve mentioned it before but there’s a lot of empty coastline along the “Costalegre“, the stretch of Jalisco state from Manzanillo north to Vallarta. There are some sleepy beach pueblos but also some of the most exclusive Mexican “eco-luxury” hotels such as Hotelito and Alamandas. And amongst it all is plenty of under-explored wave potential… empty coves, sandspits and lagoons…

Costalegre con tubos alegres

Earlier Costalegre exploration here

Costalegre, the “Joy Coast” also known as “The Virgin Coast”


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One Response to “Costalegre Vision”

  1. Scott Says:

    Howdy, I see you have a lot of images of what look to be fairly empty waves around Costalegre. I’m living north of Vallarta at the moment and thinking about heading down for a week to explore the coast. Can you recommend a good town to base myself? I would prefer to stay somewhere where there is the potential to surf a local break walking distance to the house but mostly am happy driving to get what I want. I’m looking into La Manzanillo.

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