Puerto Reunion

The timeless puerto A-frame from above

It’s been over 3 years since my last visit to the famous Mex Pipe and over 10 years since my first trip (can’t believe that one!) A lot has happened since then but the wave in all its glory remains the same. Just back from a hell-mission drive (more on that later) but had some great shots of the labor day weekend bombs coming through at Zicatela. The biggest day was pretty stormy and didn’t see anyone out until about 10 am.


saturday morning post-rain chocolate drain. and yes, that is a very big barrel

the lonely girlfriend pondering if it was such a good idea to let her boyfriend paddle out right before that set

this was thursday night before the swell really peaked. John John paddled out with his two brothers and was surfing it like a 3 ft playful beachie


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