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Joe G in the UAE

June 19, 2012

Epic film maker Joe G + Dion + UAE Wavepool = 7 minutes of awesomeness. Can’t believe they built this thing after I left!


Artificial Madness in ‘The Eye’

March 16, 2012

I’ve been lagging on a post on this for a while and I guess I’m just a little bitter that I left the middle east before they finished it.

120km from the Persian Gulf shores (photos by the one and only PJ Cutting)

“Al Ain”- arabic for ‘the eye’- is a little garden oasis in the southern part of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi which has been continuously inhabited for more than 4,000 years thanks to a plentiful source of fresh water. It is the birthplace of Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the first president of the UAE, and now its the birthplace of artificial wavepools in the middle east.

lefts and rights on tap

My understanding is it’s the same technology as the one in the Canary Islands (check STAB here).

PJ test driving

The boys in the sand pit tell me it’s been a great winter for surf in the Gulf so I imagine “wave sales” will spike in the coming months as the surf fades and people start to getting surf starved. Would be interesting economics to see if they raise prices in summer due to lack of competition (no real waves) vs. low season heat (really f$%king hot) and less people in the UAE

Somewhere in the UAE

December 23, 2011

I can’t say I’ve been missing the emotional roller coaster of waiting for waves in the Middle East, but I do get a little twinge of discomfort when I hear from the boys back in the Sand Box that the waves have been good. This shot is from my good buddy Rixta who did some scouting outside of the usual Dubai swell spots… somewhere in the UAE…

merry xmas

For nostalgia sake, older Middle East posts linked here

Happy St. Patti’s Day

March 20, 2011

In between the wind and sand last week, Neptune delivered some late season treats in the gulf…

Spring in Dubai: mild weather, sand storms and if you're lucky, some waves

this place usually has a bit more grunt to it when the tide drops

When I visited West Oz there were these old dudes who sharpened their fins in the Margret River car park. We thought it was really weird but maybe they had to deal with bullshit like a rope in the lineup?

just walk out of your 7 star hotel room, across the mega yacht dock and you've got a little peak...

low tide sand spitter

Gray Days and Shamal winds

March 15, 2011

Been a lot of wind around here lately but unfortunately also tons of sand in the air. Some days it reminds me of a foggy morning back home (June gloom) until my eyes start stinging from being pelted by grains of sand in the air. Couple little waves last week (nothing special) and looks like more on the way before the spring heat really kicks in…A “Shamal” is the result of strong northwest winds being funneled into the Gulf through the mountains of Turkey and high plains of Saudi. A strengthening high pressure over the Arabian peninsula coupled with a distinct cold front… or basically: the polar jet stream pushing in from Europe collides with the sub-tropical jet stream from the southern Arabian peninsula= dynamic weather system= lots of f#@#cking sand/ dust in the air. When you’re outside in these conditions you start to understand why the local dress evolved to what it is.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is a subtle yet distinct difference between sand vs. dust storms. Sand storms basically happen when the wind is strong enough to lift and “bounce” particles along, which collide with others, lifting and bouncing them and so on. Sand storms reach heights of about 50 feet (see photo in the background of the title at the top) and last as long as the wind persists. Dust storms on the other hand are literally dust particles small enough to be blown into the air and carried aloft by wind currents. These storms can be much bigger and tend to last much longer as they don’t require the heavy winds to keep the sand “bouncing” along. So there’s your daily meteorological factoid.

Endless Summer, without St. Francis

March 4, 2011

Tal Mireb, Arabic for the terrible place, is a 300 meter high dune, the biggest in the UAE

Remember the climax of The Endless Summer: the guys trekking across the massive sand dunes to “discover” the perfect wave at Cape St. Francis? Well, I just had a similar experience but unfortunately there was no perfect point on the other side of the sand- just more sand. We went way down south in the UAE to the Liwa Oasis and what is the start of the “Empty Quarter”, one of the largest sand deserts in the world. Known lovingly as just The Sands, this area covers more than 225,000 square miles across the UAE, Saudi, Oman and Yemen and is notorious for being one of the most desolate places on earth.

a board in the back of the car is good for something when there's no water around

Amazingly the Beduin culture calls this place home. The ancestor’s of the rulers of Abu Dhabi came to the coast from this oasis back in the late 1700s.

Stopped at a camel farm and the herder showed us around. This little guy was 4 days old

East Coast

February 9, 2011

Been a run of swell here in the gulf but storms have been pretty close making it nice and messy. Managed to squeeze in a session last week on the UAE east coast.

I’ve only seen swell on this side of the country a handful of times

Not the perfection you draw in the old middle school notebook but can’t complain too much with no one out…

The sand bar in the cove had a fun little wedge

gives a little perspective of the size

Finally, Winter in the Gulf

December 15, 2010

random kook over the falls. palm in the background

Been slack in the posting lately for the first time since I started this thing. Lots happening but no excuses. Well, first swell of winter has hit the gulf so been trying to squeeze in as much water time as possible while maintaining my existence as a corpo desk jockey. Couple quick pics snapped this morning

another random enjoyin the start of winter

standard dubai moment. towel changing at my car at 6:30am and glance over to this. not the typical thing you find in your dawn patrol parking lot

Not-So-Friendly Neighbors

September 1, 2010

A friend caught this fella in between one of the “fronds” of The Palm. Bet David Beckham wasn’t expecting these in his backyard when he forked out a couple million for a “signature villa”…

June Gulf Swell- update

June 26, 2010

Been two fun days of waves. Wind’s still howling in qatar so supposed to be swell through monday. Snapped a few shots early this morning in between sweating in the water

a low-tide left throws for the tourists

that building in the background is one of the most popular bars in town when the weather permits outdoor festivities. best $12 heinekens in town

lone swimmer has no idea what he's missing out on- he's concerned with his lost arm floatie (didn't even know they made those for adults) thats washed in. Thats the "crescent" of the palm in the background

a fun peaks popped up down by the jetty seperating the public beach from the 7-star Burj Al Arab (pictured in the background)