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Salalah- Some Lost Photos

August 8, 2011

really going to miss the old-world feel of surfing in Oman

One thing about moving is you discover things you didn’t know you had. Just came across an SD card with some more photos from the Salalah trip.

the jetty at this spot helps keep a nice sand bank

Don’t touch the snails or shit in the water???

at a loss of words here. I can’t think of anything clever for this one other than “what the f%#ck is going on with this goat?”

Original Salalah post here


On the Radar VII- Salalah

June 13, 2011

"I’m telling you man, we should paddle out up there”

Sa-la-lah. Just rolls off the tongue. Located way down south on the Arabian Peninsula it’s in the Dhofar region of Oman and a grenade’s throw away from the Yemen border to the west. The country’s second largest city has got some east African flavor thanks to the centuries of trade with (and partial colonization of) the east coast of neighboring Dark Continent.
It’s also hugely exposed to swell and the seasonal winds that send the monsoons to India. I’ve been meaning to get down there for a while but it’s a hell of a drive from Dubai (1,200 km). With my time in Arabia coming to a close, we decided to check it out last weekend despite less-than-ideal ocean conditions*

Reminded me a lot of Ocean Beach SF: if you can make it through the relentless inside, dodge rips and get in position, you could pick off a bomb

Rush hour traffic

mid morning wind getting on it but still fun

Had a pretty good look at the coastline to the east and west. Some set ups with potential

found a fun little reef outside of town

photos thanks to Sienna

The place is a geologist’s wet dream. There are amazing rock formations, huge valleys, mountains, natural springs and in the wet season, massive waterfalls

*no, we didnt drive it, we flew from muscat

Summer’s Here (almost)

May 16, 2011

finally the indian ocean is warming up. time to watch the oman charts

Dubai death heat has started. Luckily that coincides with increase in indian ocean storm activity. Updates soon enough…


July 28, 2010

I didn’t make it down to Oman last weekend but my buddy Saeed did making that his third week in a row. I did the back-to-back-to-back two years ago and have yet to meet anyone else whose managed to make the hellish drive that many times in a row. Much respect to the three-peat (like the bulls in ’93)

local fisherman oblivious to the right firing in front of their little fishing hole. When you get empty pumping waves 2 weeks in a row why not roll the dice for a third? Obviously paid off

Saeed about to make the jump to lock in his three-peat status (photos thanks to Ali Elamine)

Monsoon Winds + Spring Tides = O-man!!!

July 18, 2010

Oman doing its best at an “Arabian Barra”

This is my fourth season chasing down waves in Oman (shit, time flies). As I’ve said before, there is tons of potential and constant swell, it just takes some rolling-up of the sleeves to get the goods, plus a little luck from the weather gods. Finally I feel like I’ve got a grasp on the place and can know what to expect from the charts. I took a last-minute call on Thursday afternoon and charged nine hours straight down to a point we’ve been eyeing for the right low tide. With spring lows in the morning and evening, it was 2 days of sick waves and just me and my travel buddy frothing on the conditions…

Maybe this place has a name but the local boys I roll with call it “knuckles” cause of the shape of the rock formation that forms the coastline at the top of the point. You can see in this photo what we call “the knuckle” which will claim boards and blood if you don’t keep an eye out. Not an un-manageable hazard but definitely makes you calculate and commit to your line when you hit that section

top of the point. Fires through the top, goes a bit fat around the corner than stacks up for the cove

Hopefully I can get some actual surfing shots on the next trip but when there’s two of you wave-starved and psyching you can’t get in the water fast enough. More photos from the trip CLICK HERE.

caution: men in robes crossing

By the way, Surfing Mag hooked me up with some free RVCA gear for writing them a little email about my oman missions. Check it out here on the SURFING MAG LETTER OF THE WEEK Older Oman posts can be found here

Oman- Aftermath of the Carnage

June 21, 2010

You run across the sand when you see this- and not just cause its 100 degrees

I’ve managed to squeeze in two trips down south since the cyclone struck and have been quite impressed with the cleanup efforts. With pumps running 12 hours a day most of the flooding has been reduced to manageable lakes and the sand dunes and trees that littered the roads have been diligently ploughed. But there’re still reminders of the carnage around every turn- sheets of asphalt cast away like orange peels, skeletons of unfortunate 50-foot dhows beached inland and the bare bones of fishing shelters along the beaches.

these big wooden beasts are the traditional Arab “dhows” that have been running these waters for hundreds of years. This one wasn’t so lucky when Phet hit

It’s just been the usual monsoon wind-swell the past two weeks so it’s a little early to know if the sand deposits at the points have been wiped out but seems like the banks are starting to form and with a little searching have been able to log some much needed water time…

the trash in the foreground is another unfortunate result of the cyclone

my mccallum quad loving the points

Perfect camping weather this time of year. Woke up from the air mattress (tents are over-rated) and looked up at this

pretty sure sienna’s checking out this fun little left and not the dhows coming in

Arabian sunset (photo credit Sienna)

wind tends to die late in the afternoon

A local guy I was chatting to mentioned that in his grandfathers lifetime on the omani coast  he had only witnessed two cyclones and they’d both been in the past 4 years. Anyone still doubting global warming?

Oman- Phet Recap

June 13, 2010
Couple interesting facts from the Gulf News:
  • Phet is a Thai word pronounced as Pet, meaning “Diamond”.
  • Intense hurricanes are rare in the Arabian Sea, due to the basin’s small size, the interference of the summer monsoon, and the frequent presence of dry air and dust from the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Phet is now the second strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Arabian Sea, behind Category 5 Cyclone Gonu of 2007, which devastated Oman.
  • Phet is over some of the warmest ocean waters on the planet, 30 31°C (86 88°F), and warm waters in excess of 26.5°C (80°F) extend to a depth of at least 50 meters (165 feet), resulting in a Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential high enough to allow Phet to attain Category 5 status.
  • So far, at least 24 people have been killed after the onslaught of Cyclone Phet in Oman
  • Phet has the potential to be worse for Oman than Tropical Cyclone Gonu, which did $4.2 billion in damage and killed 50 people in June 2007.

Phet also left me very depressed as I was out of town — but the boys scored. Seek and you shall find…

photos by PJ Cutting

arabian sea?


Oman Back On- Tropical Cyclone Phet

June 2, 2010

So you can disregard that last post about the sand looking good down in Oman. Shit is about to get out of control down there…


The only other time I’ve seen the charts even close to this was 3 yrs ago when Cyclone Gonu touched down and leveled the towns and killed a few people. Phet will either:

  1. Move NW very close to Oman easternmost coast, bring heavy rain, high winds, and high waves to easternmost Oman,  or
  2. Make landfall over easternmost coast of Oman with destructive winds, flooding rain, and significant storm surge to a large part of eastern Oman.

Either way the entire coast down there is about to get a beating. Time will tell what it does to the sandbards.

I’m unfortunately on my way to Hong Kong right now but a few of the boys might go looking for some sheltered spots.  

I posted this footage before but the clip is so good I couldn’t resist

Oman Back On

May 31, 2010

Summers basically set in here in the sand pit. There was a final hoorah of wind swell last week allowing for some wedges in the bath-tub warm water that is now the Gulf. Air temps are passing the 100 degree mark with 100% humidity and the Russian tourists are getting more sunburned than ever.

there are miles of empty beach break in oman- just a question of finding the right bank

This also means that monsoon winds are kicking up in the Arabian sea and Oman surf season is back on the radar. Couple of the boys did a mission last week and said the sand is looking pretty good and ready for a solid pulse… (all photos by PJ Cutting)

sand seems to have filled in. by aug there are usually a lot of rocks boiling in the take off area

120+ heat in Dubai and still cool enough to camp on the beach in Southern Oman, barely

another of the points getting warmed up for summer

PJ self portrait sportin some CRAPS from Peters visit to Dubai

Summers here. Stay tuned…

O-man! Part II

December 29, 2009

This clip came to me through a friend of a friend. It’s the same right point shown in the photos from the other oman entry. The guy who had it (non surfer) was over at my house and just casually mentioned, “oh I got some funny footage of xxx last week. You should check it out.” I couldn’t believe he hadn’t shown us sooner! There are so many rad things about this clip: (1) the delicate rock dance (2) the voice of his wife in the background (3) the gloves?! (4) no hospital visit was required. See for yourself. Guaranteed you’ll want to watch more than once.