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SuperMoon Swell

May 16, 2012

That amazing “super moon” that lit up the sky a couple of weekends ago (some amazing photos on the Atlanic here) coincided with some solid south swell which meant hitting the road…

morning gold…

I do miss the weekend missions to oman but…


Michoacan and beyond

November 14, 2011

more to come


Colima Coastal Exploration, take 1

August 15, 2011

There’s about 45 miles of southwest facing sand starting from the Manzanillo point down to the border of the state of Colima. That means 45 miles of potential when there’s south swell… to be continued…

1 / 2

2 / 2


Moving to Castles 14,617 km Away…

August 2, 2011

My new home gave me a nice warm welcome over the weekend

120 degrees is just too damn hot. And having “survived” the Arab revolutions of 2011 hiding out in the little oasis of Dubai, I decided it was time to move on. So, when you’ve gotten to the point where it no longer raises eyebrows when you tell your friends and family you live in the middle east, what’s left to get a rise out of them? Easy: “We’re moving to Mexico!”

wet season = green season down here

Although I will no longer be pondering the world from weird places in the middle east, I think it’s still worth keeping this site going albeit with a new twist (keeping the surf/ travel/ cultural commentary + sombreros, mustaches and tequila).

This is from a trip to Puerto almost 10 years ago (damn that makes me sound old). Bit more meat on my bones these days but it’s memories like these that have me psyched on the move

I’ve got a job down in Manzanillo, Mainland Mex. It’s a port town about 3.5 hours south of Puerto Vallarta and more importantly, 45 minutes north of Pascuales, home of large sandy tubes. I’ve watched a lot of footage of Pascuales and it definitely gets pretty heavy. But I’m sure in between the scare-yourself-shitless days there’ll be some epic tubes to be had. For now, here’s some sick footage from down the road:

one more shot of out front yesterday

River Surfing

April 15, 2011

Every surf website in cyber space has been freaking out about the new Rip Curl release of Curren and Co. scoring a barreling tidal bore wave in indo. If you haven’t seen the footage, it’s pretty insane 

Curren tubed in a river? mental

I’ve always been intrigued by these type of weird “surf” trips. I remember talking to Bill “Beaker” Bryan one time at Wavehouse and he was telling me about an insane mission he did into central Africa to find one of the only tubing rapids in the world.

photo by Alan Van Gysen

Beaker with a stylish layback in central africa

When we were in Uganda we came across this one crazy section with a famous “tubing” rapid. This angle doesn’t do it justice but the wave is about as thick as chopes plus you’ve got about a million gallons of water pushing you down when you fall. Would love to see some of the boys try that one some day:

It was an easy out to tell myself I didnt have a board, but reality was that lip is damn thick and there was no way i wanted to be the test dummy

Old post from Oktoberfest river surf here

South Africa- from the archives

April 6, 2011

frame grab of Saffa Greg Emslie showin how its done at Supers

This was on the DVD bonus of Boundaries Redefined. Not too many A-grade clips but worth a look. From a trip back in ’06 with a couple of the boys…

spent a few weeks on the Wild Coast with my buddy Krasner here. Had this point all to ourselves but unfortunately lots of men in grey suits in the area as well

South Africa- from the archives

November 10, 2010

Classic J Bay- you just can't beat it (slide film)

Was sorting through an old hard drive and came across my photos from a South African adventure 4 yrs ago ( Can’t believe it’s been that long!) We drove from Cape Town along the coast up to the Transkei (aka “Wild Coast”) and back again and scored plenty of great waves.

j bay view from the carpark. So rippable this morning

A few things that stand out in my mind: (1) South African hospitality is amazing (2) there are world class waves all over the country(3) sharks ARE a serious issue (4) J bay is as good as you think- if not better, bru

We posted up for a while at this point in the 'Kei (think that’s Krasner having it all to himself). A really cool Saffa family let us camp on their land which happened to have an epic wave out front. Only problem being it’s about the sharkiest place in South Africa. Something like 5 deaths in 7 years. We were very careful about our sessions and never even surfed the left around the point cause of the river mouth

Couple other highlights were surfing boneyards with a pre-WCT Jordy Smith, taking the Japanese guy in our hostel bungee jumping when he had no idea where we were going, and waking up to zebras outside our tent.

one more j bay. i like this shot cause the clouds kinda blend with the wave. plus theres a guy coming screaming out of a tube


On the Radar Part V- INDIA

October 18, 2010


Dave Rastavich, deep in meditation in India. Taken from his trip with Taylor Steele filming for Castles in the Sky. L photo by D.Hump, R by Dustin Ellison


1.1 billion people, four thousand miles of coastline and the home of your phone banking customer service agent. With difficult transport and limited time, India as a surf destination had always been daunting to me. However, back in March I learned of this new artificial reef an easy flight away and it was instantly on my radar.   A simple visa application and I was ready to go. Or so I thought…   India and Pakistan have a heated history and the multiple Pakistan visas in my US passport made the usually-simple process not so simple. After phone calls, wasted time and finally an interview with the Consul General of India here in Dubai, they concluded I was not a CIA agent and just a regular tourist interested in visiting their country (and finding waves). I spent most of last Thursday night stuck in the airport trying to get over there. Unfortunately the airline gods were not kind enough to relieve me of my “stand-by” status so I went home defeated (that was the fourth attempt to get there- you win a few you lose a few). To be continued…


I got in touch with Jelle (getting slotted at the artificial reef above) who volunteers in a social project down south and teaches some of the kids how to surf. He’s got the place pretty dialed so with a little luck I may be getting some of his local treats in the next few weeks


Moroc ‘N Roll…

October 5, 2010

Life is good when the hardest part of your day is putting on your wetsuit. Top is a frame grab from an empty reef with little bro Peter in the front laying rail and big brother on the one behind it reaping the benefits of patience & wisdom

It’s a well traveled surf destination these days but I can remember back in middle school when a few of the boys got to go over to Morocco on a surf trip- it was like they went  to Mars (Derek, T.Dunf, Ryder, Stuey).  Regardless of the recent surge in popularity as a surf destination, Morocco is still a place where you can get lost in an exotic culture and score insane waves with minimal crowds. The further you head away from the renowned Anchor Point, the better your chances are of empty lineups. Can’t believe it’s been almost two years since my trip. The pictures just get me excited and I’m itching to get back…

Pete setting his line and thinking about the next 200 yards

We spent a few days in Casablanca checking out what the capital had on offer. And then a quick flight to Agadir and we got what we came for: perfect right points, offshore winds and good ole north atlantic ground swell. Spent a few days missioning way down south and only scratched the surface of the potential down there. When we got back to Agadir it was forecast to be firing, and fire it did…

My two years living at Rincon paying dividends

My good buddy Pern Choo was a solid member of Team Moroc and took some rad photos. Posted a bunch more CLICK HERE TO VIEW MOROC PHOTOS

Chlorine Shacks- Singapore Sling

August 25, 2010

I’ve had the pleasure of test driving several of Tom Lochtefeld’s waves in the past few years. Last fall he had the grand opening of Wave House Singapore which was a pretty awesome event. I literally ran from the airport taxi straight into the “wild card” round for the main event.

I had no chance of qualifying but I did get to compete against one of my childhood heroes, snowboard legend Terje Haakonsen. The other guys were doing backflip 540s and I was just sitting back in the barrel enjoying the view. Needless to say I didn’t make it through my heats but it was pretty classic.

think I was one of the only “soul” guys with no straps

The guys in the main event were going off and it was great to sit back and watch with my old buddy Richard who’s now an engineer for Waveloch. If you’re out in Singapore (perhaps on a layover en route to Indo) I’d recommend checking out the Wavehouse Sentosa– it’s a killer venue. Thanks Tom for sorting out the arrangements and the VIP pass!

those wristbands didn’t come off for 3 days. Note the crazy old Russian guy on the right with the five litre bottle of vodka- a random investor who we met that afternoon

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