Mainland Mex 2009

not even the airport bar was safe...


me on the inside section

the crain, speed blurr.

surf check

chris, stylin on a borrowed board

only in mexico

Euro Grom made it across the atlantic for the trip

Hsoj was like a kid in a candy store when he got a hold of dane's board

hsoj finding some shade

uncle cain laying it down

one that got away

"hey, where's my seatbelt?" Gotta love mex

cri on the foamball

More Po karate chop action for the local fans in the shorebreak


Lalo here is the man. Grew up with this wave on his doorstep. Only been surfing 2 years and shredding.

the locals rooting for uncle cain

Cesar on the set of the day

post session minus po (food poisoning casualty)

photos from Potash, Cesar and me

The running joke of the trip...


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