Maldives 2010

its hard to get out of the water to rehydrate when this is out the window with no one out

land view

smaller day

working on my best occy impersonation

fresh a-grade sushi is easy to come by

tucking in on the inside

kinda just cruising but really like the colors in this one. almost does the place justice

me at the mysto left down south

Brian here has been in the maldives for about 10 yrs and has one of the few land camps up north. We came across this sick little left- super fast and shallow but not a drop of water out of place

early season= empty lineup

The famous "pasta point" in the upper right. Private access only.

tucking in on the inside. looks like i'm angled a bit wrong but the wave actually bends around the reef so I'm all set

This aussie kid arrived this morning for a 6 month stint as a "surf guide". He was complaining to me how he didnt bring enough boards and then went and snapped one on this wave. I took the one before it and got clipped so I'm in the foreground about to get it on the head.

Club Med made the mistake of allowing us on for all-you-can-eat-and-drink on our last night. Needless to say, things got a bit out of hand...

sets got bigger as the morning went on. I'm thinking to myself if a 5'7" quad was the best idea. shit quality as its a still from video

best impression of a hobgood no grab. actually managed to doggy-door it

Full moon provided some good tides and awesome nights

another empty drainer

until next time...


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