Morocco Photos 08

morning traffic

surfed this reef a few times and it was like really good windan sea. Except it was NOT like really good windan sea cause there was never anybody out!

Yunis is a Moroccan legend. The guy would be completely over surfing if it was cloudy, no matter how good it was. Soon as the sun came out though he was on it. This is a weird little wave we only surfed once. He gave us an hour alone to figure things out, paddled out about 100 yards up the point and picked this one off out of nowhere then went in. Guess thats what you do when you get waves like this all the time

early morning surf check solitude

Its not all right points. Random beachie we stopped at with Pete deciding to go right for the 184th time...

night time weirdness

me at the mysto sand bank jetty wave about a mile offshore. one shot to make the fast section or battle against the worst current ever.

whoever owns the company that makes pink paint is filthy rich. every building in every town is painted some shade of it

we ate like kings on this trip. the local grub is called a "tajine" which is some combo of meat, fish and veg slow-roasted in a clay pot with a pointy lid. we'd crush these things road-side and never got sick despite the sketchy butcher shop hanging carcasses in the background

Pete with the T-Knox grab rail. kinda weird angle from the bluff but a stylin turn

"honey, reckon we can get one more in the back?"

It happened to be the holy Muslim holiday of Eid, so everyone was out in the market picking up a sheep to slaughter. In search of a rare left point, we made the mistake of turning into a road running straight through a village market and it was the most hectic cluster-fuck I have ever witnessed. People everywhere with their damn sheep. One guy had a 1980s volkswagon golf and managed to stuff 3 live ones into the back seat. Some other guys were carrying ‘em fire-men style, live, over their shoulders. We literally saw about three fights break out from the confusion over traffic. One guy bumped into some dudes car while dragging his sheep along and so the other guy decided it’d be a good idea to get out and grab a brick to remind him not to bump his car. Pictures don’t do it justice cause in the first five minutes a cop confiscated our camera (which we finally retrieved) for “taking pictures of military”(???) so we were a bit hesitant to take any more happy snaps.  After taking over an hour to go about 500 yards, we get to the left, it’s not working but strangely there’s a guy who runs a “jet ski club” on the beach. We convince him to let us borrow one and whipped into some slow rolling outer reef.

making the most of the "jet skiing club" we stumbled across

i love this shot cause (1) peter was freaking out about climbing up on this thing (2) the guy in the bottom right looks like he's about to do something that might give him a good reason to be concerned...

My two years living at Rincon paying dividends

damn i miss my moroccan moustache

most of these epic photos taken by the one and only Pern Choo


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