Costalegre Vision

June 15, 2012

I’ve mentioned it before but there’s a lot of empty coastline along the “Costalegre“, the stretch of Jalisco state from Manzanillo north to Vallarta. There are some sleepy beach pueblos but also some of the most exclusive Mexican “eco-luxury” hotels such as Hotelito and Alamandas. And amongst it all is plenty of under-explored wave potential… empty coves, sandspits and lagoons…

Costalegre con tubos alegres

Earlier Costalegre exploration here

Costalegre, the “Joy Coast” also known as “The Virgin Coast”


Rodeos and Rights

June 8, 2012

despite being only 20 minutes outside Manzanillo we were a little surprised that there wasn’t an ambulance on hand or any medical officials for that matter. But hey, these guys are professionals…

Quite the cultural outing last weekend at the rodeo. On the way back from some coastal exploration we came across the festivities in a little pueblo outside of town. Full on ranchero party complete with chicken fights, drunken horse riding and of course, the bull riding. Got some serious stares being the only gringos there but once the cowboy hats went on we were just one of the crowd. Weather conditions were great but swell was a little lacking. Still managed to track down some nuggets…

light winds and a little south…

Before the rodeo all the riders drop knee and say a prayer. For some the prayers were sufficient prep. For others a few modelos helped

Whoa Bud

May 29, 2012

batten down the hatches, here comes BUD

So the first hurricane of 2012 came and went without much event. Thursday night was calling for a CAT-3 come Friday but as unpredictable as these things are it was only a tropical depression when it made landfall. Lots of rain, some cray wind and  flooding, but only a few toppled trees and nothing like JOVA that hit us last fall. Was hoping for a little swell after the storm passed through but seems like most of the banks are still waiting for a nice big long-period south to set things straight. A few little peaks to be found and with the water warm again, hard to complain too much…

12 hours before this it was victory at sea

Sunday afternoon drives post-hurricane is always better with a guitar

SuperMoon Swell

May 16, 2012

That amazing “super moon” that lit up the sky a couple of weekends ago (some amazing photos on the Atlanic here) coincided with some solid south swell which meant hitting the road…

morning gold…

I do miss the weekend missions to oman but…

Twin Peaks

May 9, 2012

Not quite the view from the blacks’ cliff but the lack of 100 of your closest friends in the water will keep you jogging down the trail…

Michoacan magic…

click any photo to enlarge higher res

Good bye red tide, hello summer

April 27, 2012

Still cold, but water cleared and the air is heating up along with back to back south swell…


Marea Roja

April 3, 2012

Moved back to Manzanillo to find a crazy red tide (marea roja) and freezing water temps. We made it through winter but wow, never thought I’d be this cold in mainland mex! (click to enlarge)

marea roja + south swell

Not as red, but just as cold. 3 pelicans enjoying the view

Haven’t been back here since the hurricane last fall but seemed like the point is the same. Guy in the lip for an idea of the size

cactus vision

another mysto reef/ point with red tide and south swell

Carnival and Primavera

March 23, 2012

So Colima hosted two nights of rowdy Carnival parades last week. I was a little confused as I thought Carnival was always in February as a time to rage and get the craziness out of the system to be ready for a pious month of Lent? A guy on the street told me in was to welcome in primavera (spring) after the winter. Whatever the reason it was loud, chaotic and filled with lots of great only-in-mexico things that had me scratching my head.

don't worry about my open beer... I work for corona!

Case in point: most “floats” were followed by a sponsor such as the Corona truck above. It’s not in every country that the driver feels so confident in his employer that he openly cruises down the main street in a public parade with an open container! Classic mexico stuff! And in other happenings… primavera means south swell season is back…

bring on spring!

Artificial Madness in ‘The Eye’

March 16, 2012

I’ve been lagging on a post on this for a while and I guess I’m just a little bitter that I left the middle east before they finished it.

120km from the Persian Gulf shores (photos by the one and only PJ Cutting)

“Al Ain”- arabic for ‘the eye’- is a little garden oasis in the southern part of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi which has been continuously inhabited for more than 4,000 years thanks to a plentiful source of fresh water. It is the birthplace of Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the first president of the UAE, and now its the birthplace of artificial wavepools in the middle east.

lefts and rights on tap

My understanding is it’s the same technology as the one in the Canary Islands (check STAB here).

PJ test driving

The boys in the sand pit tell me it’s been a great winter for surf in the Gulf so I imagine “wave sales” will spike in the coming months as the surf fades and people start to getting surf starved. Would be interesting economics to see if they raise prices in summer due to lack of competition (no real waves) vs. low season heat (really f$%king hot) and less people in the UAE

Mexican Pipes

March 6, 2012


So we moved to a new apartment and have been having a hell of a time killing the only-in-mexico smell of death/sewage/wet cabbage that seems to leak from the shower drain. My buddy suggested this product which seems to be working but I was cracking up at the logo. Yet another strange Arab/ Mexican combo


And in the mean time, I’ve had my hands full dealing with some other Mexican pipes over the weekend…

south swells are back

breakfast with a view