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Daylight Savings

November 17, 2012

combo swell

Daylight savings here recently really making it feel like winter is coming (75 degrees instead of 95). Time change means early morning light and fall means end of big souths and start of winter combo swells… Heading northbound soon so more to come from Baja

pick your shack


Pack Your Trash

November 4, 2012

Not exactly a major anti-littering campaign here but someone has at least made an effort. Obey the sign: “No tires basura!”

Growing up in San Diego, most kids are taught in elementary school why littering is “bad”. Aside from the environmental factors, it’s considered socially taboo, especially so at the beach where it is obvious that the waste is going to go directly into the ocean. Unfortunately, in many other parts of the world littering is actually the norm due to lack of education and general cultural acceptance. I’ve been having a really hard time understanding it here in Mexico where there are incredible pristine beaches that people just carelessly contaminate with refuse. There’s no easy explanation. Perhaps because other major environmental issues take priority: polluted water, dirty air, deforestation, etc. Or maybe because everyone seems to do it without consequences- no old man yells at you, there are no tickets. Whatever the reason it really drives me nuts and I make a point to pick up as much shit as I can whenever I get out of the surf.

The world is running out of places you can just sit and watch perfect empty waves. Pack your trash!

Marea Roja

April 3, 2012

Moved back to Manzanillo to find a crazy red tide (marea roja) and freezing water temps. We made it through winter but wow, never thought I’d be this cold in mainland mex! (click to enlarge)

marea roja + south swell

Not as red, but just as cold. 3 pelicans enjoying the view

Haven’t been back here since the hurricane last fall but seemed like the point is the same. Guy in the lip for an idea of the size

cactus vision

another mysto reef/ point with red tide and south swell

Mexican Pipes

March 6, 2012


So we moved to a new apartment and have been having a hell of a time killing the only-in-mexico smell of death/sewage/wet cabbage that seems to leak from the shower drain. My buddy suggested this product which seems to be working but I was cracking up at the logo. Yet another strange Arab/ Mexican combo


And in the mean time, I’ve had my hands full dealing with some other Mexican pipes over the weekend…

south swells are back

breakfast with a view

Kite Runner

February 27, 2012

Just enough on-shore to keep the lazies out of the water and the mexicans flying their kites…

it continues to amaze me that no one surfs after 1pm here... Sunday funday...

click to enlarge


December 11, 2011

Spent some time back in San Diego for a couple weeks over Thanksgiving and just got back down to Mex ready for overly-festive Christmas decorations, cooler weather (all relative of course) and no more south swell. Thankfully, I was quite mistaken on the latter… colima didn’t get the memo that south swell season is over… still pumping…

Not many visitors in town this time of year which means only a handful of guys paddling in the lineup. The regulars on the machines (jet ski step offs) were unfortunately picking off the best ones

feliz navidad! hopefully more before the end of the year