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Costalegre Vision

June 15, 2012

I’ve mentioned it before but there’s a lot of empty coastline along the “Costalegre“, the stretch of Jalisco state from Manzanillo north to Vallarta. There are some sleepy beach pueblos but also some of the most exclusive Mexican “eco-luxury” hotels such as Hotelito and Alamandas. And amongst it all is plenty of under-explored wave potential… empty coves, sandspits and lagoons…

Costalegre con tubos alegres

Earlier Costalegre exploration here

Costalegre, the “Joy Coast” also known as “The Virgin Coast”


Marea Roja

April 3, 2012

Moved back to Manzanillo to find a crazy red tide (marea roja) and freezing water temps. We made it through winter but wow, never thought I’d be this cold in mainland mex! (click to enlarge)

marea roja + south swell

Not as red, but just as cold. 3 pelicans enjoying the view

Haven’t been back here since the hurricane last fall but seemed like the point is the same. Guy in the lip for an idea of the size

cactus vision

another mysto reef/ point with red tide and south swell

Febrero Frio: same same but different…

February 19, 2012

ask and you shall receive!

Same bay, same swell angle, same tide but… lefts! There was a surprise freak storm last week with a bunch of rain (I’m told quite unusual here in February) and the river has made a sick little left wedge!

amazing how the sand has moved in a couple weeks

These are the Colima volcanoes, about 40 min up the road from Pascuales. The crazy weather left unusual snow on the tops, an amazing site. Photography by FERNANDO ARELLANO

one more

Jalisco Happy Place

February 12, 2012

It’s taken a while but I’ve finally got a handle on what swell angle works where and having put in the elbow grease to explore north and south it’s starting to pay off…

The creek here at the moment is empty but come rainy season I have a feeling this place could get a whole lot better

the rogue cowboy shell-collector

if only it were a left!


January 29, 2012

280 km of Jalisco coast to explore on these winter north wests.

about 1,000 km from salina cruz, conejo has a cousin

new quad enjoying a new home

Couple theories on getting to the 2nd floor: (1) they bring their own ladder (2) keep it at the neighbors house (3) pull down stairs, attic style?

wind was on it by midday but still fun. one of the local boys leaning into a bigger one

Pre- Jova

October 15, 2011

So hurricane Jova came straight through Manzanillo this week (more on that later) but before wreaking complete havoc there was some pulse early last week. There’s a lot of bend in the coast here and I’ve been pretty keen to go exploring so it was a perfect opportunity. We were pleasantly surprised to pull up to one particular cove and find this

It was about head high when we paddled out but by dark there were some bombing sets as the hurricane got closer. I was sort of regretting taking out my 5’7” Larry Mable quad (thanks Felipe!) but it seemed to handle the size alright




one of the local boys gettin some cover