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Pack Your Trash

November 4, 2012

Not exactly a major anti-littering campaign here but someone has at least made an effort. Obey the sign: “No tires basura!”

Growing up in San Diego, most kids are taught in elementary school why littering is “bad”. Aside from the environmental factors, it’s considered socially taboo, especially so at the beach where it is obvious that the waste is going to go directly into the ocean. Unfortunately, in many other parts of the world littering is actually the norm due to lack of education and general cultural acceptance. I’ve been having a really hard time understanding it here in Mexico where there are incredible pristine beaches that people just carelessly contaminate with refuse. There’s no easy explanation. Perhaps because other major environmental issues take priority: polluted water, dirty air, deforestation, etc. Or maybe because everyone seems to do it without consequences- no old man yells at you, there are no tickets. Whatever the reason it really drives me nuts and I make a point to pick up as much shit as I can whenever I get out of the surf.

The world is running out of places you can just sit and watch perfect empty waves. Pack your trash!


Border Run – Part I

September 28, 2012

worth the drive?

2,300 miles when all was said and done. Burned through 9 (out of 32) Mexican states. Most would argue that’s quite an absurd distance to drive to buy a run-down car from a friend. But then they wouldn’t be taking into account the adventure of it all… more to come…

That’s about a 75 foot concrete section that flipped the semi. The kind of thing they make bridges out of. Gotta always expect something crazy to happen on a mexican road trip.

another bend in the coast in the south, another right point

Muddy Waters

July 1, 2012

Was a rather slow June wave wise.  A few low pressure systems sitting close to Manzanillo but not getting strong enough for real solid swell. Lotta rain here lately but in between when the sun comes out, there’s still some chocolate waves to be found.

while not quite as appealing as deep blue lines, a little mud never hurt anyone. especially with some offshore wind

And just to pair it up with some tunes… Muddy Waters himself, live in ’71

Rodeos and Rights

June 8, 2012

despite being only 20 minutes outside Manzanillo we were a little surprised that there wasn’t an ambulance on hand or any medical officials for that matter. But hey, these guys are professionals…

Quite the cultural outing last weekend at the rodeo. On the way back from some coastal exploration we came across the festivities in a little pueblo outside of town. Full on ranchero party complete with chicken fights, drunken horse riding and of course, the bull riding. Got some serious stares being the only gringos there but once the cowboy hats went on we were just one of the crowd. Weather conditions were great but swell was a little lacking. Still managed to track down some nuggets…

light winds and a little south…

Before the rodeo all the riders drop knee and say a prayer. For some the prayers were sufficient prep. For others a few modelos helped

Whoa Bud

May 29, 2012

batten down the hatches, here comes BUD

So the first hurricane of 2012 came and went without much event. Thursday night was calling for a CAT-3 come Friday but as unpredictable as these things are it was only a tropical depression when it made landfall. Lots of rain, some cray wind and  flooding, but only a few toppled trees and nothing like JOVA that hit us last fall. Was hoping for a little swell after the storm passed through but seems like most of the banks are still waiting for a nice big long-period south to set things straight. A few little peaks to be found and with the water warm again, hard to complain too much…

12 hours before this it was victory at sea

Sunday afternoon drives post-hurricane is always better with a guitar

Twin Peaks

May 9, 2012

Not quite the view from the blacks’ cliff but the lack of 100 of your closest friends in the water will keep you jogging down the trail…

Michoacan magic…

click any photo to enlarge higher res

Good bye red tide, hello summer

April 27, 2012

Still cold, but water cleared and the air is heating up along with back to back south swell…


Mexican Pipes

March 6, 2012


So we moved to a new apartment and have been having a hell of a time killing the only-in-mexico smell of death/sewage/wet cabbage that seems to leak from the shower drain. My buddy suggested this product which seems to be working but I was cracking up at the logo. Yet another strange Arab/ Mexican combo


And in the mean time, I’ve had my hands full dealing with some other Mexican pipes over the weekend…

south swells are back

breakfast with a view

Nayarit and Northwest Swell

January 10, 2012

nayarit nugget

With a large northwest passing through Hawaii and California last week it looked like there wasn’t going to be much here in Colima so we headed north for the weekend. Just up the road is the state of Jalisco and an area called “costalegre” (the happy coast). It’s an amazing piece of coastline with just a few fishing towns in between the 280km stretch. Then you hit the bay of Puerto Vallarta and just north of there, the state of Nayarit. My Mexican pals down here didn’t have much to say about surf in that area so armed with some google earth maps and a general idea of where I wanted to be (and some friendly Spanish/ pesos to convince security guards to let us through private property), we amazingly managed to track down some empty waves.

Sayulita is a mellow little expat-hippy surf town and a good base for exploring the area

It’s kind of mind boggling to me that in 2012 with the number of gringo expats that lurk in Vallarta that we found empty surf on a weekend. Just goes to show its out there if you want it.

30 pesos and a smile can go a long way to opening doors, or gates

Many people might have missed a slightly obscure news story back in the fall involving Mexican authorities foiling plans of Gaddafi’s “party-boy” son to sneak under the radar into Mexico, aka “Operation Guest” (read about it here or here). Well, as it turns out, one of the houses he allegedly purchased was in the exclusive Punta Mita, the large headland area at the top of Vallarta bay? Just when I thought this site was losing it’s “Arabian flavor”…

Maybe Saadi Gaddafi heard there’s good surf nearby?

a little mushier on the higher tide can’t complain

More Michoacan

December 3, 2011

South of Colima, north of Guerro, the state of Michoacan has long been known for it’s plentiful waves and it’s still full of treasures for those willing…

park at your own risk around this place. we took a pass

not just points down there...

Flaco here knows this point like the back of his hand

only thing better than a cow party is a cow party and a flat tire!