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Muddy Waters

July 1, 2012

Was a rather slow June wave wise.¬† A few low pressure systems sitting close to Manzanillo but not getting strong enough for real solid swell. Lotta rain here lately but in between when the sun comes out, there’s still some chocolate waves to be found.

while not quite as appealing as deep blue lines, a little mud never hurt anyone. especially with some offshore wind

And just to pair it up with some tunes… Muddy Waters himself, live in ’71


More Michoacan

December 3, 2011

South of Colima, north of Guerro, the state of Michoacan has long been known for it’s plentiful waves and it’s still full of treasures for those willing…

park at your own risk around this place. we took a pass

not just points down there...

Flaco here knows this point like the back of his hand

only thing better than a cow party is a cow party and a flat tire!